A Sweet Story & Mom's Day Out shoot

Ok ladies…get ready for a super sweet story.  And fellas, take note!  I was recently contacted by a dad/husband whose family I recently photographed.  Jeff and his wife Gabrielle have a beautiful daughter who just turned one.  When I ran a photo shoot contest earlier this year, Jeff saw my post and decided to nominate Gabrielle.  Here’s his (super sweet) contest submission: 

"I would like to nominate my wife for your photo shoot giveaway. She is one of the hardest working, caring, and selfless individuals I have ever met and I am lucky enough to call her my wife. She has sacrificed everything for our family. She left a job she loved because the hours would not be conducive to starting a family together. With the birth of our beautiful daughter three weeks ahead of her due date she struggled through the trials and tribulations that are accompanied with a pre-mature baby. We found out a few weeks after our daughter was born that she was allergic to dairy protein; my wife again sacrificed for our family and changed her diet to accompany our daughter's needs. Her allergies accompanied with the pre-mature birth have made the first year of her life very trying on my wife. She has taken upon herself to care for her the needed every two hours at night and has rarely complained.

Too often my wife fails to recognize her own beauty and appreciate the natural aura she brings to a room. I hope that she is fortunate enough to be selected for your photo shoot so that you can capture her beauty and help her realize how amazing and gorgeous she truly is."

 WOW – right?  It's such an incredibly thoughtful gesture.  When I initially met Gabrielle at her family portrait session I immediately noticed her glow and her beautiful smile.  I was especially excited to have her in my studio for some time to herself and time in front of my camera.  We had a wonderful shoot, laughing about our dogs and discussing modern romance novels.

I know Jeff earned some major brownie points for nominating Gabrielle, and he was also rewarded with some timeless, elegant portraits of his gorgeous wife, and their daughter will someday treasure these as well.  Way to show the rest of the guys how it’s done, Jeff!

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