The Question I Hear Most: What do I wear?

Really and truly, the most common question I'm asked about portrait sessions is "What on earth do I wear?"  Some of us can rifle through our closets and grab things we love, while others feel like we need to spend a day at the mall to find just the right wardrobe.  Honestly, what you should wear depends entirely on how you'd like to be photographed.  Anything from fashion-forward jeans and a top to sequined party dresses to vintage gowns and lingerie.  

While I cover wardrobe style and fit guidelines in consultations before a shoot, I always tell clients it's best to bring a variety, and when in doubt about an outfit, bring it.  It's certainly better to have that dress or corset you're just not sure about than to wish you hadn't chickened out and left it at home.  I decided to start building a studio wardrobe because it allows me to keep some beautiful garments here for you all when you come for a shoot.  Maybe you'd like to try something you never thought would look right on you.  Maybe you'd like to go a little more sexy or formal than what you brought.  Worry not.  I've been stocking a wardrobe rack for the past year or so with beautiful garments I find - in various styles, sizes, and colors.  It's become kind of an addiction for me honestly. 

So even if you never thought you'd love to see yourself in sequins galore, I've got you covered.  Another beautiful thing about the studio wardrobe is that a garment doesn't have to fit your body perfectly.  I have clamped many things in the back that were too big and pinned things to a bra if it wouldn't zip up.  There's almost always a way around a garment that's not quite right.  And the images are still gorgeous.

I'm always adding pieces here and there as I find them, so if there's something in particular you're looking for before your shoot, let me know.  You're always welcome to stop by the studio to have a look before you shop as well.  I may have just the thing.  It's really exciting to pick out clothing I think will photograph beautifully, and then watch someone feel gorgeous in it.  So there you have it.  My ever-growing and changing studio wardrobe.  Always at the ready.