Pet Photography: Fur Ball Promo Shoot

I've said it before - when my youngest child started school I struggled a bit to find myself.  Someone jokingly told me I should love on some puppies to snap myself out of my funk.  So I did.  For the past 8 months I've been a volunteer photographer at Pawmetto Lifeline of Columbia.  Every week I take my lighting and gear to photograph adoptable dogs.  It's changed my perspective, as giving of yourself usually does.  

Most recently I was honored to serve as photographer for a project to promote the Fur Ball Moonlight Gala, an annual fundraiser for Pawmetto Lifeline.  As a joint project between Pawmetto and Sylvan's Jewelers, I photographed some adorable adoptable cats and dogs wearing beautiful jewelry from Sylvan's.  I'm proud to show you the finished product.  


This shoot was full of toys, treats, laughs, and full on sweating, but it was an absolute blast and honor to give back in such a creative way.  What an opportunity.