Multi Purpose Photo Shoots

One of my favorite things about the way my photo shoots are structured is the flexibility they afford.  It's great to have glamorous portraits of ourselves, but your entire photo shoot doesn't have to be dedicated to that aspect of your life.  If you want to bring in your loved one, your children, or your beloved fur kids, I'm happy to work with you to make them a part of your photo shoot.  Or, if you simply want to change direction and create images for business, I'm happy to do that as well.  We can capture multiple facets of your life - all in one shoot.  From personal branding, to boudoir, to families, my clients love the flexibility I offer.  

Today I'm sharing some images I absolutely love from a recent multi purpose portrait session.  Olivia came to my studio primarily for personal branding images.  She is the owner of The Olivia Cooley Real Estate Group here in Columbia, and wanted some images she could use for her business.  She also had her boyfriend Charles join her at the end of her shoot for some images of them together.  Finally, we created some incredibly glamorous portraits of Olivia.  All of her wardrobe was selected from Rent the Runway.  These rentals are included in my photo shoots.  Hair and makeup (also included) is by the incredible Ashley Gunter.

Untitled Export4.jpg

I loved capturing the connection and happiness between these two.